building The Carmel Day, on 16th July 1987, was considered to be a suitable day for the auspicious event, an event memorable in the history of the Congregation of the Mother of Carmel and significant for the sisters of Vimala Province, Ernakulam. It was a proud and unforgettable moment of the beginning of a new dawn, for the Mary Matha Province Ankamaly.

A Glimpse of the Past
The Provincial Synaxis, held in 1977, pointed out the necessity of bifurcating the Vimala province for the better administration and spiritual advancement of the sisters. As a result of that on 8th Sept. 1980, on the birthday of our Heavenly Mother, the province was divided into two units - Udaya and Vijaya with the convents at Edad and Poonithura respectively as the Headquarters. The function of the Province continued as such till 1987.

The Radiance of the Future
Eventually the province was bifurcated and a new Province Mary Matha was constituted. Rev Sr. Boromeo was the first Provincial Superior. The vision and zeal of the Mother Provincial inspired the sisters to begin their activities according to the ideals of our founders, Blessed Chavara and Fr. Leopold following the charism of CMC,the sisters of the Mary MathaProvince grew in the love of God through a prayerful life and service for mankind. As contemplatives, the sisters try to be in the presence of the Most Holy Trinity and to inspire one another by living a lifeof prayer and action. As prophets, we are with the people of God, announcing and witnessing His presence, denouncing oppression, and promoting and propagating the well-being of mankind with especially of women and children, as we serve in pastoral, educational, spiritual, and other creative ministries in national and international level.

The sisters are zealous to assist Holy Mother Church in days of crisis and to work for the holistic growth of our target group: women and children. We commit ourselves at the grass root level in tune with the basic needs starting with primary education at school and vocational level for mentally challenged children. We undertake family visits, counselling, workshops and classes by our faith formation team of sisters. Our social work unit of sisters is engaged in women empowerment programmes in conscientizing the oppressed minority. Our sisters are engaged in the special care units; to give shelter and care for the refugees from different parts of the world - with the help of Church authorities and political leaders. A hospital and palliative care unit at Kariyadu are giving a holistic carefor psychological, social and spiritual well-being of the dying . We also nurture refugees children. Attached to our regular schools, we care children whose parents are refugees, children whose parents are dead, children from broken families, children whose parents are in hospital or jail, who have no home to go to, abandoned or who are or are being cared for. At present we have orphanages and old age homes. We also work to give self sustaining programmes like V-Star units and V-Guard units for women, to cope with the present changing technological realm. We also make provisions for earning for uneducated women, by starting small scale traditional occupations like handicrafts, rosary making etc. As a new venture we have a community college Snehasadan Complex at Ankamaly - doing service to the humanity. A training college for teachers of mentally challenged children and a department of information technology gives short term and long term courses and we also have MG University off-campus with bachelors professional courses such as BCA, BBA, BSC IT, B.Com with travel and tourism etc.

At present Mary Matha province has thirty three convents and two residents in Kerala with 532 sisters as her members. Amidst all the outcries of the mankind we are committed to spread the love and peace of the evangelical counsels. We consecrate ourselves to live in the world as its salt and lamp lit on the hill top. The religious who consecrate lives live out their everyday lives for the perfection of charity in what they do and in what they are. Thus the members of the Mary Matha Province remain united to the main stem, the CMC, and thereby to the Holy Mother Church.

Our hearts brim over with love and gratitude to the heavenly Father for the boundless gifts we received in the past. We hopefully look forward to receiving greater things from His hands.

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