Faith Formation

Home Mission
The idea of home mission was derived from a decision to enter as a ray of light into the modern homes deranged by the attraction of modernism, broken family relationships, and family atmosphere lacking in spiritual background. it consists of a team of eight members. Their united efforts, loving presence, comforting dealings, narration of conversion experiences are great blessings to the families. Under the leadership and guidance of the Home Mission, special seminars are conducted for children, youth and house wives in each parish. In the evenings , all the parishioners gather for prayer and the sharing of the Bible messages. Then they are shown CD programmes. The team members take up the follow - up programmes in the parishes where Home Missions have been held. In Home Mission the CMC sisters are working in collaboration with the sisters of other religious congregations.

Home Visits
This is a means to visit families with complicated affairs and to influence families and individuals by their prayerful and loving dealings. These visits also help to arrange retreats and to make those who are tormented by problems and bad habits to participate in them . People are also prepared for baptism. A team, trained for family visits serve in different parishes .They find out the families that do not pray together and encourage them to do so everyday.This team also tries to make the people of God take part in the chain Rosary recited in the convents. Programmes are arranged specially for women on the feast days of Blessed Virgin Mary to promote Marian devotion. During their visits women are helped for self employment by making roasaries and scapulars and distributing them.

To activate the family unit progranmmmes sisters visit the families .I n certain parishes , some ladies join together to organize family prayers as a group , under the leadership of sisters. Sisters take leadership in organizing the CLC ,the Holy childhood, CML, KCYM etc.

Women Empowerment
This is an attempt to rejuvenate Blessed Chavaras, ideas on family visits according to the present trend.

1. Mathrujyothi
This is a scheme (project) aiming at the development and empowerment of the personality of women who are to be the lamps of the home. Thus enabling them to participate in the developmental and peaceful activities of the family and there by promoting that of the society as a whole,

2. Pilot Study of the Mathrujyothi
At the first stage of the programme the leaders ( the sisters who are to give leadership) should visit all the families in the parish and study their problems ,especially those of women and strengthen ( empower) them through prayer and counseling

3. Brainstorming Session
In the first meeting after the home visit they are given classes on the glory of womanhood which is followed by group discussions on the problems of family, parish and society and also the remedies for them..

4. Women Wing
Along with the the first meeting the women wing is formed including all the women in the parish below 55 years of age. Nearly 2000 women from different parishes will be the members of the women wing.

5. Women Cell
The women cells ensuring the success of the meeting of the women wing meetings are organized in every parish. Two animators from each unit of the parish are members of the women cell. Two leaders selected from the women cell take the leadership to organize the meetings to plan the activies and to evaluate them.

6. Follow-up Meetings
According to the desire and proposal of the members of the women wing, continued meetings are held once in two or three months .The classes , discussions, and assignments given at the meeting helped the spiritual and mental growth of women,. The members get more experience and opportunities through which they acquire good knowledge and abilities to solve family problems, to react to the various life situations with a mature mental attitude and to participate more efficiently in parish activities through these meetings .

The hearts of the modern youth are deeply shadowed by disoriented values and excessive worldly pleasures.Yuva Jyothi was formed to enable the youth to effect constructive changes in the society by making their spiritually fit and developing an integrated personality and creative powers in them.Yuva jyothy is organized in parishes. It is conducted for an hour on Sundays after the catechism classes. This programme includes classes,discussions,counseling brake the Lords of evil and fill the hearts of the youth with goodness.

The JETT Junior Evangelization training team works for the Youth.Jett activities lead the way to train the youth, to conduct programmes in different centers and parishes.Discering the young men and women addicted to evil tendencies, it also helps to convert them and their families towards God. Besides, it provides opportunities for marriage preparatory courses.

Zenacle is a small group of two or three who come together once a week and pray the rosary for the conversion of sinners and world peace. This is actively in vogue in many parishes, schools and religious houses ( convents).

This is the sharing of the basic principles and beliefs of Christian life with the growing generation They are given classes on the importance of Holy Mass and made to take part in the singing practice, in the reading of the word of god in turns, in the prayer of the faith ful and in preparing the offetory. Schemes are implemented for helping the children to grow in generosity and empathy through alms collection such as Jeeva Karunya Nidhi ,Jeeva Karunya Yathra ,Orisa Fund etc.They are also inspired to Gospel based life and word orientation. Providing a good library of lives of saints and other spiritual books, children are inculcated to form a reading habit.Children are also encouraged to participate in the bible art festivals.

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