The dream of our founder father, Blessed Chavara- the Christian formation of women and children has been realized by the Mary matha province through education, achieving the intellectual and vocational skills of children. This is our first and foremost apostolate. Imbibing the present complicated educational changes and inculcating self awareness in the petty minds of children through a quality based education , they are led to the shores of eternity.A secretariate has been formed to evaluate educational activities and to take successful steps for its progress. Ours is a corporate educational agency.

It is evident that there is a strong determination that the children should achieve spiritual wealth together with intellectual qualities. Prayer programmes and holy mass on special occasions are helpful for this. Proper library arrangements have been made to create value awareness in the children. Equal importance is given to curricular and extra - curricular activites. Apt training is given to attain high standards in Childrens Art festivals, Youth festivals, exhibitions and other competitions.

There are counseling cells in the schools to study the problems of children and suggest proper remedial measures. computer classes are conducted in LP,UP & HS and parallel college as part of vocational training . Timely courses and seminars are given to teachers and parents. Moral science and catechism are also taught.

Educational Institutions of the Province
High Schools
Upper Primary Schools
Lower Primary Schools
Mentally Retarded School
Computer Academy
Mentally Retarded ,BEd
Off Campus
Parallel College
English Medium Schools
Nursery Schools
Training School

High Schools
Girls schools at Chengal,Karukutty- all the schools have four or five divisions for each class. Of these,one division is English medium and others, Malayalam Medium. Every year, all these schools secure nearly 100% results. Backward students are given special classes by the teachers in the evenings and on holidays. At the same time, coaching classes are also given by efficient teachers from our side. Students are trained to participate actively in the class

UP Schools
There are two schools, one at Karumalloor and the other at Edakkunnu. The admission and training in Guiding and Red Cross Clubs are available at this stage- continued training is given at the high school. The children get good training to elevate their creative powers at the spiritual mental intellectual level.

L.P Schools
The L.P schools at Beslehem, Manjpra and Karukutty maintain enough strength and divisions. All possibilities are available in these schools to mould the children and ensure a good generation for future India.

MRS Pothiakkara
The aim of this Schools is to bring the Mentally Retarded Children into the main stream of society, by training them in the best way possible. It has a strength of more than 100. The children are given vocation based training in book binding, chappel and candle making, chalk and soap producton .Though slightly handicapped and a little backward in intellectual capacity, through the earnest efforts and efficient training by the teachers, the children are enabled to participate in the Arts and Sports competitons at the state level and win prizes. The handicaps of the children are reduced to a certain extent through speech therapy ,physioTherapy and sensory integration therapy. Some children are prepared for write open school syllabus examinations and they secure good results.

This is a course for 20 candidates approved by the M.G and R.C.I University every year. The add mission are complete. It is specially notable that those who pass the course, are easily employed.

Snehasadan College of Information Technology
Snehasadan college of information technology gives training in CTTC,DTP,MS-OFFICE,TALLY,C++,INTERNET courses .This centre is affiliated to the Kerala State Electronic Department Corporation .As these courses are vocation - oriented, many students have secured employment in different places.

Snehodaya Off Campus College
Snehodaya Off Campus College was started at Angamaly in 2009 with the approved of M.G University. Though the courses for B.Com with computer Application, BBA,MBA.BCA,MCA,and Travel and Tourism have been recognized by the University . At present only the course for B.Com with computer has been started.

Parallel College
We have the St.Joseph college at Ankamaly, with plus two and degree courses in science, computer science and commerce. There are nearly seven hundred students in the college. Every Year we get good results.

English Medium Schools.
The I.C.S.E schools at Chengal and Perumbavoor, shine with 100% results. These schools have affiliation and the Minority status certificate. The attempts are going on to raise the schools at Majapra and Mookannoor as Central Schools.

The Five Eng. Med.School according to the State Syllabus, are progressing with enough strength. All means are applied to develop the creativity of children in the physical, intellectual and spiritual levels.

Nursery Schools
We have 22 Nursery Schools in our Province. Each classes contain more than 25 students. We are devoted to give all sorts of developments to our students. So we provide curricular and non - curricular activities..

St. Joseph T.T.I. is the one and only Teacher Training School in our Province. It was laid in 1952. It is really one means to fulfill our Founder fathers dream -Christian formation of Women and children . About 500 students passed out from this institution.

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