Social work

Through its unique and recent social work programmes, Mary Matha Province aims at the option for the poor and thus to wipe the tears of it people of God in accordance with the light of the inspirations received. Themain aims of social service are-development -of integrated personality, riddance from evil tendencies, and the temporal and spiritual renewal of families and communities. There is a secretariat to evaluate the activities, to remedy the defects and to make necessary changes and adjustments according to the needs of the times.12% of the salary and pension of the sisters utilized for this purpose. Besides this,10% of the gifts and donations and the amount got from fasting is also used for this. Trained Sistersas full time social workers.

The field of social work is extended by the Sisters taking part in prayer for drug and liquor addicts and smokers. Services and fasting programs even join picketing of liquor shops. They besides, they help the people to attend counseling,retreats,and follow-up programs. A team of sisters collaborate with the social work team of the Arch-diocese.

Different Fields Of Service

1. Saradhi ( Helpline for auto & taxi drivers)
The Centre is at Karayamparambu near Angamaly.More than 15,000 drivers are members of this helpline.Loanes without interest and Insurance are made available to them in accidents.I.D.Cards,prayer cards,calendars,guides etc are given free. To improve their moral life, they are given classes on Moral values. The numbers of Saradhi and their family members get free blood donations when needed. A sister works full time with the team of the Arch-diocese.

2. St. Josephs Balabhavan Press
This is attached to the Karukutty Balabhavan.Binding works are done here. A part of the income got from note-book making is spent for the mentally retarded.

A unit works under the leadership of a trained sister. More than 100 women have been already given training. Many housewifes become self-sufficient through flower making, needle work. glass painting, sand painting and hand embroidery. This is also a means to develop the habits of thrift and money saving.

Mean while, to deviate them from their excessive interest in cinemas and serials, and to orient them to a prayer life, they are made to engage in making Rosaries,Scap and other articles. As it is a source of extra income, therefore interested in these activities.

4. House-maids
Majority of them are from Andhra,Tamilnadu and Orissa.They are paid as per the directions of the C.R.I. Once in a year all of them are brought to the C.P.H. when classes and other programms are arranged for them.

M.M.province has 4 Balabhavans at Karukutty,Chengal,Kanjoor and Manjapra.Orphans and non orphans stay there. They are given education from K.G. upto the xth std .Some are sent for higher studies also. Along with the secular education, we pay attention to their spiritual life. Two or three sisters are fully engaged in taking care of them. The children are provided with opportunities for recreation, and competitions which contribute to their integrated growth. There is a centre at Besleham for the welfare of street children.

6.Old age Home
There is an old age home at Meloor in the Trichur District.Some sisters work full time there.More than hundred women stay there. Their food and other expenses are met by the Divine Retreat centre. Exposition of the Bl.Sacrament is held daily from 9.30 am to have cultural programmes,trips and competitions occasionally.

7.City Based Evangelization
It is a ministry started by sisters of marymatha Province, to be with the needy and the marginalized especially the Women and Children. Through this they triy to be with the needy and enable them to stand themselvevs and to lead a dignified life.They concentrate the abandoned, abused, evicted  speciallly women and chidren,thrown out into the streets of the city of cochin.The Motto of this is,to be the the needy and the marginalized as a Eucharistic presence .Sisters make them fully available for the needy staying in a rended house.They unite with people and go with them even for strikes to distant places to win back their rights.They render help to promote justice and to find means for earning thir livelihood.Many sisters from various congregation and laity are being trained at this ministry.This 
is growned as an inter-Congregation ministry too.

8. Rehabilitation of the migrants
This programme is similar to Snehitha where we are to be the Eucharist broken up and shared with the marginalized people. sisters work full time among he working class people migrated from other states. Sisters do their best to rehabilitate the refugee families and to provide basic educational facilities for their children.They also work hard to win and safeguard the rights of all refugees including Orissa people.This project is being implemented successfully in the inter congregational level.

9. Vivaha Sahaya Nidhi
This firm is a boon to the poor girls as an asset at the time of their marriage. The capital of the V.S.N. is amassed through the monthly shares of members. There are about 2700 beneficiaries in this saving scheme. The members are given 30% of the capital as bonus and 8% interest.

10. De-addiction programme
On Sundays a team of sisters work with the Arch-diocesan team for the De-Addition Programme.They go to different parishes take part in Dharnas and conduct family visits, give awareness programs and counseling classes.

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