Through formation, we help an individual to discern her call to CMC and to respond to it. The aim of the committed life is., to be transformed into Christ. Training is necessary for this transformation. The goal of CMC formation is to form Jesus in us, to be transformed as Jesus and to live in Jesus. The scheme of Formation of the CMC Mary Matha Province is in accordance with the needs of the time.

The Process of the CMC Formation
Those, who have passed the S.S.L.C,+2,Degree and above are eligible to join the C.M.C. once, an individual has discerne of her vocation, she enters the difference stages of formation. Normally, the candidates who have only the S.S.L.C. qualification are given a period of turn to undergo the +2 course. But they are eligible to go for this course only after the 1st year formation. Actually they have to undergo formation for a period of 5 years.

A. Candidacy
The candidates who come with earnest desire are given 1 years human and Christian formation. Classes are given by their mistresses and efficient outsiders, on the practical aspects of religious call, the values needed for a real Christian life, and life programs- Bible reading, reflection and deepeninmg the relation with Christ are the basic factors of this period. This is also the period for the candidate to dicscern her vocation effectively. This period is only fior one year.

B. Aspirancy
As a result of a letter realization of her vocation, she enters into the depths of religious life. This is for a period of 1 year. With full awareness, she implements whatever she has seen and heard and practiced during her Candidacy-Constructive thoughts and deeds are given more stress. She grows in the conviction that the religious house is her own home. Charity, Service-mindedness, and Community life style are developed.

C. Postulancy
There is a gradual transition from the life of a lay man to religious life. She understands by experience, the spirit of renunciation needed for discipleship. This is the time to practice discipleship through the C.M.C life style. she acquires the ability to make decisions of her own, the courage and interior freedom to live smoothly in the community- A period of one year duration. During the regency period, she is trained for the different apostolate.

D. Novitiate
Novitiate is the central stage of religious life. This is the time when she fully discerns. The Divine Call she has received and her vocation to the particular religious community. Her main goal is to form her heart and mind in Christ. Learning the lessons of discipleship, she practices to step down mercifully to the needy of the suffering. She is capable of integrating prayer, reflection and studies. She undergoes two years of formation in this manner. In this stage, she reaches at the conviction that it is neither an emotional decision nor an emotional response; but it is a life-long permanent relationship that she is going to enter.

Vocation Promotion
Vocation Promotion is a process of preparing the youth in all aspects to respond to Gods call. Vocation retreats and camps are organized for children to discern their vocation. These are mostly conducted during the Onam & Xmas and Summer holidays. Sisters serving in the parish or parishners or some other competent persons are to give guidance in Vocation Promotion. We have vocations from our schools and parishes..

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