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Mass Media - An overiew
Reading the need and understanding the urge of the society , CMC Mary Matha Province steps forward accordingly Media communication was formed.A committee of eight members with the Provincial Councillor in charge of Mass Media as its head was formed. The committee meets once in three months. Sipeial page is set aside in Mary Matha Spandanam( Private Circulation) under the name of Media committee memebers contribute a variety of article to this corner.Sisters were given various courses and seminars to make them adebts in this field. Commmitttee members are entrusted with the work of print media , electronic media and intractive media.The joint effort of committee resuted in the production of telefilm ,album ACV programme and Radio progrmme.

Print Media :
Mainly active through publication .

Publications : Publications transform letters into strong weapons.M.M.Province gives vent to her ideas and experiences in the form of letters. In accordance with the exhortation of the Holy Father to be even cautions of the demoralizing teachings of the modern world, the M.M.province through its pen mimistryupholds its spiritual pedagogy.M.Matha publications are the extreme expressions of the creative talents of her daughters.

The Editorial Board consists of 12 members. The Provincial Superior as the Patron, a councilor as Managing Editor, besides these ten members including the secretary.

Main Mary Matha Publications

Mary Matha Spandanam : M.M. Spandanam published in the Marian year, brims with the heartbeats of the Province. This is a tri-monthly publication for private circulation only. Each magazine is the result of two discussions of the editorial board. The contents present a variety, including articles of depth, different competitions, responses, convent corner, Quiz programs, and so on. The competitions in connection with the province Day, Mono-act, Action song, Essays, skits, Poem etc- together with the prize winning compositions and the names of winners are published to encourage the participants.

The other books published by M.M. Province :

Unarunna Streethuam : It is a booklet intended to impress the glory of womanhood and the fullness of commitment in the readers. This is a translation of the talks given to the Religious Fellowship at the St.Agnes College, Mangalore. The translation is done by Dr.Sr.Grace Thomas C.M.C

Priyanodothu : This is a book intended to conduct the Holy Hour in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Adorations for different occasions are compiled in it.

Anugraha Neerchal : Abundant graces are showered upon many, through this book. It is a compilation of several prayers for different occasions. This is a book of great demand by people of all castes and creeds. Already 50,000 copies have been published.

Dynamics of Personality development :This book, written by Sr. Aila C.M.C. explains how the personality of Gandhiji can be defined.

Divya Sparsam : Our spiritual life is enlivened by the constant out pouring of the Precious Board of protection of the Sacred Heart through the prayers of this book.

The Kudumba Mithram for leading the prayers in the family units; Prarthana Mithram with all Novenas; Sneha Vachassukal containing the valuable instructions of our Founder Fathers:-All these are publications of which we can be proud of.

Electronic Media :
Mass Madia secretariate is actively entrusted in making use of Television and radio

Sisirapookal : This is a one hour tele film which highlights the disastrous effect of intoxicaction ( drug addiction).It pictures how the youth come to be under the group of evil and how their parents make themselvesresponsible for their deplorable state.

This tele film is telecasted in different channels. The story in the film, however has a happy ending with the children repenting of evil ways and starting a new life.

Album : This depicts how a girl was called in the ways of evil due to the development of science of techonology.Finally she begins a new life . Development in science is for our good .

ACV programme

This Audio CD is one houe programme. Teachers is working in corporate agency prepared this enriching programme and named it TIPS FOR . It gives a hint to parents and children how to make use of present day gifts and lead better lives. This programme was broadcasted in FM channel Kochin, on May 6th 2009.

Interactive Media
Secretariate arrange courses and seminars to impart knowledge and awareness on modern technology.

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