No  Name and Place
 1 Jnanodaya Centre School (unaided), Kalady.
 Parallel Colleges
 No  Name and Place
 1 St. Joseph's College for women (Parallel College), Angamaly.
 Higher Secondary Schools
 No  Name and Place
 1 St. Joseph's H.S.S.Chengal, Kalady.
 High School
 No  Name and Place
 1 St.Joseph's Convent Girls' High School Kanjoor(aided), Kanjoor.
 2 St. Joseph's GHS(aided), Karukutty.
 3 Jyothis Central School (unaided), Manjapra.
 4 Santhom Central School (unaided), Mookkannoor.
 5 Vimala Central School (unaided) ICSE Perumbavoor, Perumbavoor.
 Other Colleges
 No  Name and Place
 1 Sneha Sadan College of Information Technology, Angamaly.
 2 M.G. University of Campus Centre Snehodaya College of I, Angamaly.
 3 Training College(DSEMR), Ankamaly.
 Teachers Training Institutes
 No  Name and Place
 1 St. Joseph's TTI (aided), Karukutty.
 Upper Primary Schools
 No  Name and Place
 1 St. Little Therea's UPS (aided), Karumallur.
 2 OLH UPS (aided), Paduvapuram.
 Lower Primary Schools
 No  Name and Place
 1 St Joseph L P School, Beslehem.
 2 St. Little Flower Eng. Med. L.P. School (unaided), Kanjoor.
 3 St. Joseph's LPGS (aided), Karukutty.
 4 Vidya Nikethan Eng. Med. L.P.S. (unaided), Karukutty.
 5 Nava Deepthi Eng. Med. L.P. School (unaided), Karumallur.
 6 St. Mary's LPS (aided), Manjapra.
 7 St. Joseph's LPS (aided), North Karukutty,Besleham.
 8 Vimala Eng. Med. LPS (unaided), Perumbavoor.
 Hostels & Boardings
 No  Name and Place
 1 Hostel, Ankamaly.
 2 Snehitha, Kariyad.
 Hostels For Girls
 No  Name and Place
 1 Snehasadan Hostel, Angamaly.
 2 Carmel Bhavan Hostel for Girls, Annanad.
 3 Sacred Heart Hostel, Chengal.
 4 St.Joseph's TTI, Karukutty.
 Nursery School
 No  Name and Place
 1 St. Joseph Nursery School, Alengad.
 2 V-Star Garment making, Annanad.
 No  Name and Place
 1 Joe Nivas Girls Home, Besleham.
 2 Balasanketham, Chengal.
 3 St. George Blabhavan, Kaipra.
 4 Daya Sadan Orphanage, Kanjoor.
 5 St. Joseph's Orphanage, Karukutty.
 6 Karunalayam, Manjapra.
 Old Age Homes
 No  Name and Place
 1 Maria Santhibhavan Oldage Home, Meloor.
 Other Institutions
 No  Name and Place
 1 Maria Home Electronics, Attara.
 2 Maria Home Electronics, Besleham.
 3 Councelling Centre, Chengal.
 4 Asha Bhavan, Majapra.
 Counselling centre
 No  Name and Place
 1 Saukya Counselling Center and home care, Kariyad.
 Training College For Special Education
 No  Name and Place
 1 Sneha Sadan College of special Edn., Angamaly.
 Hospice, Pain And Palliative Centers
 No  Name and Place
 1 Marian Hospice, Kariyad.
 School for Mentally Retarded
 No  Name and Place
 1 Nirmala Training Centre for Mentally Retarded, Chunangamvely.
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