The contribution on the part of M.M.Province, in maintaining its communities, and apostolic fields, and helping the needy, by carefully handling the temporal goods of the province, is praiseworthy. Our wealth, the gift of God is used for the service of the Church, for faith formation of the People of God, for the uplift of the poor and for the betterment of the sisters and province.

12% of our income is set apart for social service, 4% for faith formation, 3% for educational assistance, 1% for helping the poor patients. Every year, a good amount is donated for the African Mission.

In the case of our institutions like English Medium Schools, Aided Schools, convents and Hostels, the expense exceeds income due to the constructions and maintenance of those institutions. But we dont regret this loss, because the ultimate aim is the uplift of the poor and the needy. A great part of the amounts received as gifts and donations of the income from our fasting is spent for helping the helpless.

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