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Key Events In The History Of Mary Matha Province

15 Jul 1987

Inauguration of Mary Matha Province Angamaly. Nomination of Mother Borremeo as the First Provincial by Mother General Mother Prima

11 Oct 1987

Mother Borremeo Elected as the Second Provincial Superior of Mary Matha Province

24 Jul 1988

Mary Matha Spandanam - the News bullettin of Mary Matha Province

4 Dec 1988

Mother Joyce elected as the Third Provincial Superior

17 Aug 1991

Blessing of Sanjose convent Kodussery

23 Sept 1991

Blessing of St.Ann's convent kaippattoor

6 Dec 1991

Mother Joyce re-elected as the Fourth Provincial Superior

16 Dec 1991

Starting of Central African mission

2 Apr 1993

Blessing of Maria Nivas Convent at New Delhi.

22 Apr 1993

The Demise of Mother Mary Celine, the first Superior General of CMC

5 Jun 1993

Inauguration of Sneha Sadan School at Angamaly for Mentally Challenged Chidren

3 Sept 1993

Blessing and Inauguration of Provincial House at Vengoor

4 Dec 1994

Mother Cherukusumam elected as the Fifth Provincial Superior

30 May 1997

Blessing of Jaya Matha Convent Mankuzhy.

5 Dec 1997

Mother Cherukusumam elected as the Sixth Provincial Superior

1 May 1999

Centenary Celebration of Sacred Heart Convent, Karukutty

6 Dec 2000

Mother Borremeo elected as the Seventh Provincial Superior.

30 Aug 2002

Unaided plus 2( St.Joseph's H.S.S) started at Chengal

1 Jan 2003

Foundation stone laid for Maria Santhi old age home at Meloor.

21 Jan 2003

Blessing of Jnanodaya English medium School Chengal.(ICSE)

6 Dec 2003

Mother Mary Davis elected as the Eighth Provincial Superior

11 May 2005

City based Evangelisation Ministry started.

19 Apr 2006

Centenary of St.Germain's convent. Chengal.

6 Dec 2006

Mother Mary Davis re-elected as the Nineth Provincial Superior

2 Jun 2007

Centenary of St.Joseph's H S Chengal.

3 Jun 2007

Inauguration of Santhome Central School at Mookkannoor.(ICSE)

14 Nov 2007

Inauguration of Carmel Jyothi Region,Kurnool as dependent region.

9 Jun 2008

Inauguration of B.Ed in Special Education at Angamaly (Sneha Sadan College).

14 Aug 2008

Central African Mission station joined to African region

31 May 2009

Commencement of ICSE Syllabus at Jyothis School,Manjapra.

6 Dec 2009

Inauguration of Vimal Jyothi Homeo Clinic at Marygiri.

15 Dec 2009

Mother Annie Davis elected as Tenth Provincial Superior.

30 Jun 2010

Palliative Care Centre started at Kariyad

5 Jan 2011

Inauguration of Vimal Jyothi Homeo Clinic at Mookkannoor

15 Jul 2012

Silver Jubilee Celebration of the province

8 Dec 2012

Mother Annie Davis re-elected as Eleventh Provincial Superior.

17 Nov 2013

Snehitha Short-stay Home started in Marian Hospice at Kariyad

16 Nov 2015

Mother Prasanna elected as Twelfth Provincial Superior.

18 Feb 2017

Inauguration of first Bible Nursery at kodussery in the province

18 Apr 2018

Declaration of Mother Mary Celine,the first Superior General as Servant of God by Mar. George Cardinal Alenchery

7 Dec 2018

Mother Prasanna re-elected as the 13 th Provincial Superior.

15 Jul 2019

Foundation stone laid for mental patients ,Euphrasia Care Centre

16 Sept 2019

Commencement of Peru Mission

5 Jan 2020

Inauguration of Bible Nursery at Besleham

20 Mar 2020

Blessing of Sneha Sadan Homeo Clinic,Angamaly

15 Jul 2020

Mary Matha Media - You Tube Channel launched

23 Sept 2020

Inauguration of residence at Kanjoor(Euphrasia Sadan Kizhakkumbagam)

29 Apr 2021

Exhumation; Servant of God Mother Mary Celine

22 Sept 2021

Mother Maria Anto elected as the 14th Provincial Superior

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