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Healing Ministry

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The healing ministry is a field of service where we unite our hands with the healing hands of Christ and fill our hearts with the sympethetic love of the samaritan,thus shedding goodness all over.The source of our inspiration is St.Chavara Kuriakose Elias,our founder father and St.Euphrasia,the first Saint from CMC.We render our tender loving care for the sick and suffering through this ministry.According to the Gospel and the challenges of our time we risk our new ways and commit ourselves to promote and sustain life.In a holistic approch to patients we encourage them to see God in their sufferings.38 sisters from this province render their valuable services in India,Africa,Lattin America,Germany and USA.One full fledged palliative care unit and three Homeo clinics witness the compassionate face of Jesus Christ .More than this we provide free Medical Camps- diabettic diagnosis,blood group detection and Camp for elder people and also for migrants from different states of India.

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Notable Events

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