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Image by Tina Witherspoon


Administration 2021 - 2024
provical team 2021-.jpg
Dr.Sr. Maria Anto ( Mother Provincial ).jpg
Sr. Dr. Maria Anto CMC
Provincial Superior
Sr.Merrina (Vicar Provincial).jpg
Sr. Merrina CMC
Vicar Provincial & Dept. of Renewal & Healing Ministry
Sr.Daya Maria _.jpg
Sr. Daya Maria CMC
Dept. of Social Work
Sr. Annie Joe_.jpg
Sr. Annie Joe CMC
Dept. of Education
Sr.Liz Maria (Provincial Internal Auditor).jpg
Sr. Liz Maria CMC
Internal Auditor
Sr.Dona Maria (Provincial Secretary).jpg
Sr. Dona Maria CMC
Provincial Secretary
Sr. Pavithra.jpg
Sr. Pavithra CMC
 Dept. of Finance & Mission
Sr.Jeeva Grace _.jpg
Sr. Jeeva Grace CMC
Dept. of Faith formation & Mass media
Sr. Tessy Maria (Provincial Finance Secretary).jpg
Sr. Tessy Maria CMC
Provincial Finance Secretary
provincial team 2018-2021_edited.jpg

Provincial team 2018-2021

Mother Prasanna CMC
Provincial Superior
2.Sr. Merrina.jpg
Sr. Merrina CMC
Vicar Provincial 
Department : Renewal
Sr. Leeja Maria
Sr. Leeja Maria CMC
Department : Finance and Mission
4.Sr.Jaya Rose.jpg
Sr. Jaya Rose CMC
Department : Education
Sr. Brijit CMC
Department : Faith formation and Mass media
6.Sr. Merrin.jpg
Sr. Merrin CMC
Department : Social Work And Healing
Sr. Delsy
Sr.Delsy Maria CMC
Finance Secretary
7.Sr.Ann Jyothis.jpg
Sr.Ann Jyothis CMC
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