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The dream of our Founder Father St. Chavara - the Christian formation of women and children has been realized by the Mary Matha province through education, achieving the intellectual and vocational skills of children. Imbibing the present complicated educational changes and the inculcating self awareness in the petty minds of children through quality based education, they are led to the infinite expanse of knowledge. Through new ventures and innovative initiatives academical excellence, rooted in morality and spiritual training is imparted to young ones which enable them to


acquire effective life skills. Along with learning experience equal importance is given to extra curricular activities for unleashing the innate potentials of children. Mary Matha Corporate Education agency is the stem where its 28 branches from pre-primary level to professional level are flowered and becomes the fruit of knowledge for others. Powerful Management, Attractive and quality infra structure, expert teachers make our institutions unique and centers of excellence which reap hundred percentage result every year.Reading the signs of time by sounding the trumpet of change,we move thus giving buds of hope to future generation and thus to the mankind to be the best citizens of tomorrow.

Notable Events

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